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Geothermal Heating Systems in Pittsburgh PA

As opposed to traditional HVAC systems, geothermal heating systems use less energy through natural means in order to provide cost-efficient heating and cooling for homes. By upgrading your current HVAC unit in Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon, Upper St. Clair, Greentree, Robinson, Moon Township, Wexford, Sewickley, Canonsburg, Bethel Park or Bridgeville to one of these geothermal heating systems, you can achieve the same level of comfort within your home without having to spend nearly as much money on your energy bills!
Wade Heating and Cooling attempts to stay updated on the latest innovations in HVAC so that we can provide customers like you with new and improved heating and cooling solutions. The geothermal heating systems we offer for Pittsburgh, PA area homes are just another way for us to continue ensuring the satisfaction of our community in the years to come.

Pittsburgh PA: How Geothermal Systems Work

When considering a large investment like replacing your home's current HVAC system, it's important that you understand all of your options. The geothermal systems our Pittsburgh HVAC company distributes and installs are a wonderful and efficient means to get the level of performance you expect and deserve as a homeowner. Here is a basic overview of how geothermal systems work:

 The indoor handling unit and buried pipe system, called an earth loop, utilizes underground temperatures, which stay more consistent year-round than aboveground temperatures, to provide energy for a HVAC system.

Green Branch - Geothermal Heating Systems

 Electric power is only used to operate the unit's fan, compressor and pump, which all work together to transfer warmth from the earth into the home, or circulate cooler temperatures into the indoor air.

 Indoor heating is made possible through this transfer when natural heat from the earth is compressed in the indoor unit and made warmer, so that it is able to heat the whole home.

 Indoor air conditioning is made possible through this transfer during warmer months when air is pulled from the home, passed through a reinjection well which allows heat to be deposited into the cooler earth, and cooler air recirculated back into the home.

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A professional from our team would be more than happy to discuss how you too can take advantage of the benefits geothermal heating systems have to offer! 

Benefits of Geothermal Heating Systems—Pittsburgh PA - Mt. Lebanon PA

The benefits of geothermal heating systems that Pittsburgh residents can enjoy are endless. By harnessing the natural temperature stability of the earth and using it to promote the comfort of your home, you can cut energy costs not just temporarily, but for the lifetime of the system.

Wade Heating and Cooling provides geothermal heating systems in Pittsburgh, PA that have proven to help homeowner's save up to 80% on their heating, cooling and hot water bills! Other benefits of geothermal heating systems include:

 Energy Efficient & Lower Operating Costs  Quiet Operation for a Peaceful Environment

 Clean & Safe, Lessening the Environmental Impact

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